alice and anthony dancing salsa in athoneArrive a few minutes before your class is schedule to start, pay your €12 and off you go!
After a quick warm up you will join your beginners class. There you will first learn your basic steps and how to dance these steps with a partner while keeping time. You will stay in that beginners class for 3 to 5 sessions and once both you and your teacher are satisfied that you have mastered these basics you will then move on the next level: Improvers. As you progress you will learn not only steps and moves but improvisation, musicality, timing, expression, isolation, posture, styling, spins and partnering, enabling you to reach a high standard of dancing.

Q. Do I need to book?

A. No you don’t. There are beginner’s classes every week, and classes at all other levels as well. You can just turn up on whatever night you want. 

Q. Can I watch a class prior to joining in?

A. Yes you can. Just say that you want to watch a class when you arrive.

Q. How do I Start?

A. You can just turn up and join in! If you have any questions beforehand please feel free to call Anthony on 087 9799671 or email us.

Q. What is the age range?

A. Any age can dance salsa! It is great exercise, good fun, and very sociable. Our dancers range from those in their teens to those in their 60s

 Q. What should I wear?

A. Wear something you feel comfortable in! Some people like to dress up, ladies in skirts and dresses, and men in suits, whilst others prefer to dress casually. Jeans are fine. Pretty much anything goes but remember that in a busy club you will get quite hot!

 Q. What shoes should I wear?

A. For beginners we suggest you wear smooth bottom shoes that you can walk a long way in! Most people who continue dancing prefer to get dance shoes. Ask us if you are not sure what to buy!

 Q. Do I need to bring a partner?

A. No. In our classes we rotate partners so you do not need to bring a partner.

 Q. I’m bringing someone, do I have to dance with other people?

A. Rotating partners is not solely for social reasons. It helps the learning process. It’s necessary to properly learn how to lead and follow. Everyone has a different style, and changing partners will greatly enhance the speed at which you learn. That being said, you don’t have to change partners.

 Q. Can I bring a group of people?

A. Absolutely! If you’re nervous about taking a class simply invite your friends and have a great night out.

 Q. I’ve never danced before, will I stand out? Will I look foolish?

A. Don’t worry. People don’t watch beginners. People watch the good dancers!!!!

 Q. How long will it take?

A. It’s a difficult questions to answer. Do you want to be a social dancer or do you want to be a show dancer? We all learn at different speeds but to give you a rough timeline you should confident enough to get up a dance a nice basic routine with turns after 5 to 8 classes. After a few months you will look for any opportunity to show off your new skills to your friends and family. After your first class though you will realise that the journey is the fun part!

Q. Which class should I be in?

A. If you are not sure what level you are you should ask a teacher. If you don’t feel you are learning anything ask your teacher if you should move on. If you feel you are struggling when others in the class seem to be coping, consider moving down a level for a while. If your teacher suggests you move back a class don’t be offended, they are there to help and have your best interests at heart.

 Q. How long should I stay in each class?

A. Until you feel you have learnt enough or your teacher tells you to move on. The object is to make you a better dancer and this won’t be achieved by moving to a more advanced class before you are ready.

 Q. Anything else I need to know? What do I need to bring?

A. Just bring yourself, your friends, and the desire to learn and have fun. 

 Q. What is the etiquette about asking people to dance?

A. Most salsa dancers will dance with most others. Everyone remembers what it was like to be a beginner, so don’t be afraid to ask anyone. 

Q. What is Ladies Styling?

A. Ladies Styling is about ladies emphasising the movements of the different parts of the body whilst dancing salsa (head, hands, arms, hips, shoulders etc) to visually express the music. 

If you are a beginner/improver though its best to wait a while until you’ve mastered the basic footwork and steps before working on your styling.